I’m Making My PhD Thesis Available Online

GitHub-Mark-120px-plusOver 10 years ago, I defended my PhD thesis. Due to my moving to another state shortly thereafter, possibly combined with bureaucratic confusion at my alma mater, I never received bound copies of my dissertation. I have also lost any electronic copies I may have once had in the intervening time. Recently, though, my employer started subscribing to a dissertation service, and I was able to download a scanned version of my dissertation.

tumblr_lgabq4NUsR1qb1aw7o1_500Since I had the foresight to apply an open access license to my document, I am creating a web site on GitHub which will be an electronically accessible version of my thesis document. I also have some data backup disks lying around, and intend to upload that data as supplemental material. I have a large family, and not much spare time, but I am making slow progress. The front matter is complete and the first chapter is almost complete. The site is here:
Particle Decay Branching Ratios for States of Astrophysical Importance in 19Ne


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