Trouble installing Flash on Windows? Check your system clock.

When Adobe released their last security updates for Flash, I was unable to install them on one of my Windows PC’s for either Firefox (plugin version) or Internet Explorer (ActiveX version). I scoured the web and Adobe forums, and approached the problem many different ways, even completely removing Flash from my system, and downloading special MSI installer files from Adobe. Always, the same problem. The installation process starts, then goes nowhere. I get a process for the installation in Task Manager taking up about 10 MB of RAM, and 0% of CPU, that never goes away, and never does anything.

I had resigned that I was never going to have Flash on FF or IE on this system again, unless I re-installed Windows. Then the other day, I randomly noticed that the system clock was 5 hours fast. I’m not sure how or when this happened. I don’t pay attention to the clock on this system because it’s a living room television-attached system mostly for entertainment. Anyways, I corrected the time, and decided to try installing Flash again. Both Plugin-based (for Firefox) and ActiveX-based (for IE) installations went perfectly.

For the curious, the version of Windows is Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit.